Your Choice

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, you will have a choice to make from three, or perhaps four, different options.

You may feel as if you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. One moment, you may feel delighted and excited, and the next moment, alone and fearful, along with any number of other emotions.

If your pregnancy is unplanned, you may feel as if you must “do” something immediately upon having a positive pregnancy test. But you don’t. It’s okay to take some time to let your feelings and emotions settle a bit, then figure out next steps.

Women who have experienced an unexpected pregnancy say they want lots of options and resources. We have provided basic information on your choices below. The team on an Image Clear Ultrasound mobile unit can provide you with additional information about your choices and about resources available to you as well.

A positive pregnancy test changes your life, regardless of how you feel about it, your circumstances, or even your choice. Many of us at Image Clear Ultrasound have had positive pregnancy tests that seemed to turn our worlds upside down. We understand because we have processed through and made one of the choices presented here. It’s important to take some time and consider all your options, because whatever your decision, it lasts a lifetime.

possible pregnancy options

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